The Harvester boom had been initially damaged by low hanging branches. Replacement componnents are availible in New Zealand however allot of farmers find the cost prohibitive. The farmer hastily reinforced the boom but the flow through sections had become irrepairable and a full replacement was the only option.
Initial thoughts were of double skinning 1.6mm PGI to get the required thickness while retaining the ability to form the smoothly transitioning curve. This was later dismissed as 2.5mm Mild steel allowed for better seam welding and ease of rework. The weldment was split into 3 sections to make it managable for one person to assemble and because of the 4.7 Meter overall length of the weldment.
After a hasty design and solving the length of the three flattened parabola against the K value the DXF's and drawings were generated.
Another happy customer
An Example of a Kemper harvester in action.
Harvester boom retrofit manufacture.

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